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Here are some of the frequently asked questions from previous years.  If your question is not here, please Contact Us.

What does "NHTS" stand for?

NHTS is an acronym for National Histopathology Training Schools. The NHTS are in England only and were established as an initiative by the Department of Health under the guidelines of the Royal College of Pathologists and Modernising Medical Careers. 

For the history on the development of the NHTS, see History of Histopathology Training Schools in the About NHS Histopathology of this site.

When can I apply to the schools?

National Recruitment in Histopathology is delivered by London and South East (LaSE) Recruitment and supported by a working group of pathologists from around the country. All information relating to the applications window on a year by year basis, will be available on the LaSE website at 

How many training posts are available?   

Workforce planning is essential the to provision of an efficient, high quality pathology service and looks at trends in recruitment.  Each year, work is carried out to ensure that sufficient numbers are recruited to ST1 posts to provide a service but also to ensure there is no over-production.

When are the interviews?

The interview dates vary from year to year - these would be determined by LaSE, working within the MMC guidance, and members of the Board of Histopathology Training Schools.

How do arrange an observership?

An observer-ship can be arranged with any willing NHS Consultant Histopathologist working in the United Kingdom. Many consultants are happy to encourage trainees about career goals and the nature of the specialty.

Be courteous in your approach to arranging an observer-ship with a Consultant and be understanding to their schedules.

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